Encouraging our Junior Soldiers

by Sharon Waiksnoris

We want our junior soldiers to be successful as they take an active role in the corps.  As leaders we need to disciple, prepare and equip them for whatever we are asking them to do. 

So, what can our adult leaders and parents do to ensure positive experiences for our junior soldiers? Here are some ideas:

1. Pray for the Lord's leading.

2. Seek ways junior soldiers can show love, serve others, sing and praise and talk about the Lord.

3. Talk about why it's important to serve others even if it's not easy for us. Remind them we serve others in love (Galatians 5:13) because Jesus was the ultimate servant.

4. Teach through your own life by continually looking for opportunities to pray, read scripture, sing hymns and choruses, and talk about the goodness of the Lord.

5. Build relationships with your junior soldiers by spending quality time with them.

6. Teach junior soldiers how to teach. By providing careful directions, you can allow them to take turns teaching each other and small groups during junior soldier class. They can also practice by teaching the younger children.

7. Ask junior soldiers a lot of questions, and let them articulate what they believe.

8. Gear certain corps activities, serving opportunities and events toward junior soldier levels of understanding.

9. Make service projects concrete.

10. Empower junior soldiers by having them plan, suggest ideas and take ownership so that they feel like essential contributors.

11. Create clear expectations.

12. Properly prepare your junior soldiers for any service projects they're doing.

13. Debrief your junior soldiers about their experiences afterward.

14. Have fun!

Especially during our "Did you know I can?" junior soldier awareness poster campaign, please take time to convey how much you value your junior soldiers and remind them what they have to offer. They, too, can be a light in our dark world to shine for Jesus.


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