How to set up a Christmas Post Office in your Corps!


A large, festively decorated, cardboard "mailbox" for the corps lobby with a large slot in the front for accepting different-sized Christmas cards and a flap in the back for card removal. 

Mail box 

Decorate cardboard shoeboxes and fill with alphabetized tabs for sorting cards by last name for mail pick-up at the "P.O. counter" (a festively draped table) in the lobby. Use rubber bands to bundle cards for the same family. (The number of sorting boxes will depend on the size of your corps.)



"Stamps" printed on labels (use Christmas clip-art and/or the name of your corps; don't include the year so leftover stamps can be used next Christmas). Avery 5160 labels at 30 per sheet work well. Sell each sheet for $5 (or so) to benefit World Services/Self-Denial.



  1. Make a corps announcement by at least November (to beat the early-bird Christmas card mailers!) explaining how the corps P.O. will work.
  2. The "mailbox" and "P.O. office counter" should be centrally located in the corps lobby. Start selling "stamps" before Thanksgiving.
  3. Recruit enough helpers (depending on the size of your corps) to ensure fast, alphabetical sorting of Christmas cards during the four Advent worship services so cards can be picked up afterwards. This is an ideal service project for girl guards, corps cadets or teens.
  4. In January, be sure to announce the total raised for World Services/Self-Denial to encourage even more participation in the P.O. next Christmas. Then announce what the next World Services fundraiser will be to keep the excitement and momentum going!


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