Sponsorship "Fave" Four

by Ceamona Taube

Sponsoring a children's home requires a commitment of $25 a month. For some, especially high school and college students, this may seem like a lot, but it's possible!  

Read on to learn a few clever ways to come up with the cash and become a sponsor today!

1.    Choose the $5 cash back option when using your debit card at the gas station or grocery store; with only five purchases necessary you'll reach the $25 monthly sponsorship payment in no time!

2.   Students, ask your parents for some extra work around the house in order to raise money for sponsorship. Commit to doing two or three additional chores every week to earn that extra allowance!

3.   Practice fasting from eating out once a week. The money you would have spent on that day's coffee, burger and soda or pizza can go straight to your sponsorship savings!

4.  Talk with your Sunday school class, women's ministry, Bible study, character-building troop, or any other group you're involved in about giving $5-10 a member per month to support a children's home as a team.



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