My Summer in Hungary

by Megan Polsley

Megan PolsleyThis summer I had the opportunity to serve in Hungary for six weeks with a Summer Missions Team (SMT). It was wonderful to see how The Salvation Army in Hungary is unlike any other part of the Army I've known. The Hungarian people still feel the repercussions of Communism and even earlier, the Holocaust. I felt a general sense of hopelessness.

Despite the suffering and pain, The Salvation Army there is growing. They work to actively display the love of Christ and bring the good news of hope in Jesus Christ.

The Salvation Army is working hard to evangelize to people of all different backgrounds. I learned about the many groups we touch in Hungary including children, the gypsy community, inmates and the homeless.  Working first-hand with many of these ministries gave me the opportunity to see the passion The Salvation Army has in Hungary. They are constantly looking for opportunities to help people physically and spiritually.

Although there's darkness in Hungary, the beautiful and loving people shine a bright light.  The officers and soldiers are some of the most loving people I've ever met. Our Hungarian officers are wonderful examples to their congregations, living lives that reflect Christ. Clearly their priority is to help give hope to their nation through the love of Christ. They see the pain, they themselves have experienced it, but they've also experienced the power of God's presence, and their one desire is to share that with others.

The example these Hungarian officers and cadets set was very challenging to me, and I think that this is how William Booth desired the Army to be. So now I ask myself, is my sole purpose to give hope to those suffering around me through the good news of Jesus Christ?       


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