Sarah's Thrifting Tips

by Sarah Kincaid | Northside Adult Rehabilitation Center Store Merchandising Supervisor

Many thrift store treasure-seekers shop without high expectations or a goal in mind because they figure it's easier. But I've found it's actually easier to "shop thrift" knowing what you want, or at least having a general idea. I want a denim vest. I want cut-off shorts. I want a record player. You're not less likely to find a steal or bargain knowing what you want and like. In fact, being confident and determined are important qualities to have if you want to find that priceless record or perfect pair of skinny jeans.

I try to get inspired before thrifting by thumbing through fashion magazines, selecting the trends that pique my interest and determining the styles that fit my body type. I also look for what is unique and thriftpossible.  Did I just coin a term? I think I did, and I'm going with it. What is thriftpossible? Thriftpossible is a thrift-store find easily woven into a current, trendy outfit or, for housewares, etc., home.

1)   No Laces! You'll want to wear shoes easily slipped on and off. Who wants to waste time fussing with laces or straps? If you're like me, you'll become quickly frustrated, "Why did I wear these shoes?!"  On the other hand, socks might be a good idea, but no judgment, okay?

2)   Easy on, easy off.  Choose to wear a light skirt, slip-on sheath dress or zippered sweater. You probably get the point; wear something easy to get on and off. Might I suggest a long circle skirt? They've got good coverage and flatter many figures; plus trying on skirts, shorts and pants in a thrift store-some of which don't have decent fitting rooms-just got way easier.

3)   Bring a friend. It's so helpful to have a friend to shop with for many reasons-like a second opinion or budget enforcer. Perhaps my favorite reason to bring a friend, however, is having someone to celebrate with when you discover that Sesame Street record album you had when you were little or the jewelry box that will fit perfectly into your friend's decor. There's nothing more joyful than having someone to share in your triumphant moment!


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