Fabulous fundraising festivities

If you're looking for a creative and clever new way to raise money for a good cause these two officers have ideas that might work for you! Below is the breakdown of two ideas featured in the January Central Connection. You, too, can raise money and have fun while doing it.

Kiss the Pig: How-To

by Lt. Kristina Sjogren

Week 1: Ensure an area farmer will have a piglet available ten weeks from now and arrange transportation.

Include a ballot with five blank lines in the Sunday morning service bulletin/program. During the announcements portion of the meeting, instruct the congregation to fill out the ballot by writing down the top five people in the corps they'd like to see "kiss the pig."

Week 2: Repeat step one the Sunday of week two, so you'll get as broad of a vote as possible.   

Week 3: Tally. Then reveal the top five "kissers" during Sunday service. Post the names atop a donation collection pot (ensure the container is enclosed). There should be one donation receptacle per potential "kisser."  

Weeks 4-6: Members of the congregation deposit money into the receptacle of the person they'd like to see "kiss the pig." The donations are counted for each "kisser" weekly to keep a running total, which should be announced each Sunday. This will build enthusiasm and keep the donations coming.  

Week 7: On Sunday the three kettles with the highest donations are announced, and the others are eliminated from the competition. This will continue to build enthusiasm while the competition mounts.  

Weeks 8-9: The top three forerunners' kettles remain in the chapel for continued collection of donations. Updates on totals are announced weekly.

Week 10: On Sunday morning the total amount raised is shared with the congregation, but the person who will "kiss the pig" is kept a secret.

Night of the reveal: All three of the top contestants need to attend the meeting. In our case, we held praise and worship time, with a bonfire and chili dinner to make the reveal more fun. During a break in the worship time, the total funds and "kisser" are revealed, and the "winner" kisses the pig in front of the entire crowd!

Christmas tree decorating for World Services: How-To

by Major Karen Salsbury

Week 1: Present the idea to your group or congregation, and get their support for the project before committing to participation. We supported the "Share Your Christmas Joy" project because it involves helping children at Christmas. If you know someone who has the means, see if they would be willing to participate by matching the amount raised. 

Week 2: Request information about what you're raising funds for, and present this at the next service or meeting. Set a goal for the group; our goal was to raise enough money to give one or more Salvation Army children's homes a happier Christmas.

Week 3: Display a visual representation of your goal that enables participants to see the progress. In our case we used a Christmas tree made out of construction paper, which I attached to the wall in a prominent location. For each dollar raised, I affixed a paper ornament on the tree with a photo of a needy child.

Weeks 4-7: Regularly encourage your group or congregation by providing updates of how much money has been raised, and about the people who stand to benefit. Also, provide regular opportunities to make donations-such as during a weekly meeting or Sunday service. 

Week 8: Announce the total funds raised during a weekly meeting or service and celebrate! Then ensure funds are sent in a timely manner to the beneficiary.

Note: Don't hold yourself to "kissing the pig" or building a paper Christmas tree, if you don't want to. Substitute your own creative ideas-like a pie in the face-while using the timelines and frameworks above for guidance.


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