The Salvation Army in Guyana

The work of The Salvation Army began in Guyana in 1895. It was the second Caribbean nation in which the Army commenced operations after its 1887 start in Jamaica.   

Slightly smaller than Idaho in size, Guyana is located at the top of the South American continent, bordered by Venezuela to the west, Suriname to the east, Brazil to the south and the Atlantic Ocean to the north. The Guyana Divisional Headquarters is located in the capital city of Georgetown on the coast.  

With a population of 742,000, Guyana's two major faith groups are Protestant (48 percent) and Hindu (28 percent), and the two major ethnic groups are East Indian (43 percent) and African (30 percent). Languages spoken include Amerindian dialects, Caribbean Hindustani, Creole, English and Urdu.

Salvation Army ministries in Guyana include a kindergarten school for 90 students, a youth evening school, two residences for men and one for women, three feeding centers, three prison aftercare centers, a retired officers' residence and corps ministries.

Guyana's flag represents its forest and foliage (green), rivers (white), personal zeal and sacrifice (red), perseverance (black), mineral resources and bright future (yellow).


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