Polaris ATVs Assist Salvation Army Hurricane Relief

Polaris 2Tim and Desta Hunt, emergency disaster services (EDS) volunteers from the Salvation Army's Northern Division, were deployed last fall to the New Jersey coast to help provide food, drinks and spiritual care to Hurricane Sandy survivors. Using one of the 10 military-grade ATVs (all-terrain vehicles) donated to The Salvation Army by the Minnesota-based Polaris Industries, the Hunts discovered the vehicles weren't only great for serving refreshments but for rescuing fellow relief workers!

Desta was driving through an island neighborhood when she happened to glance down a beach access road. She saw three men trying to free a deeply mired three-quarter/ton pickup truck and flatbed trailer, loaded with heavy equipment, from the sand. 

Desta gingerly made her way down the beach to where the men were working. The pickup was buried up to its hubcaps, its tires spinning in a futile effort to move. Desta offered the men coffee, but they declined due to the impending evening curfew for leaving the island. However, when they saw the sturdy ATV she was driving, they asked if she could pull them out of the sand. Polaris 1

Desta didn't know the capability of the vehicle, but her servant heart wanted to help. The men hooked a chain to the back of the ATV, and Desta-who uttered a short prayer of "Lord, help me do this"-shifted into four-wheel drive and stepped on the gas pedal. Before she knew it, the truck and trailer were free!

Afterward, the men (and a curious crowd that had gathered by then!) enjoyed a round of hot coffee and snacks thanks to Desta, The Salvation Army and the Polaris ATV!

SOURCE: The Salvation Army Northern Division


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