The Salvation Army in Sweden and Latvia

After seeing a young Bramwell Booth hold the first Salvation Army meeting on Swedish soil in 1878, Hanna Ouchterlong began the work of the Army four years later in a Stockholm theater. The first women's home and a men's shelter opened in 1890, and ministries for the deaf and blind began in 1895.

The Army in Sweden extended its work to Latvia in 1923 and operated there until the closing of the Iron Curtain. The Latvian ministry resumed in 1990 after the U.S.S.R. was dismantled. In 1994, the Sweden Territory was renamed the Sweden and Latvia Territory in 1994.

The gospel is preached in three languages by the Frälsningarmén (Swedish), Pestišanas Armija (Latvian) and Armiya Spaseniya (Russian). The territorial publication is Stridsropet.

The territory has more than 150 active officers, 4,400 senior soldiers, 750 adherents and 160 junior soldiers in 134 corps and 20 outposts. Ministries are supplemented by more than 1,000  employees in a wide range of social services for all ages, including shelters, vocational training, children's homes, plus rehabilitation and counseling centers. 

Source: The Salvation Army 2012 Year Book

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