A look at the Salvation Army's Australia Eastern Territory

Salvation Army operations were pioneered in Australia in 1880 in Adelaide, the capital of South Australia. In 1921, the work of the Army was organized into eastern and southern territories to serve the country's six states and two territories.

The Australia Eastern Territory, headquartered in Sydney, serves the states of New South Wales, Queensland and the Australian Capital Territory.

Languages in which the gospel is preached in the Australia Eastern Territory include English, Cantonese, Korean and Mandarin. More than 1,000 first-time decisions for Christ were made during a year-long emphasis on evangelism.

More than 550 active officers lead 160 corps and 37 outposts. Senior soldiers number almost 8,700 with nearly 3,000 adherents and 525 junior soldiers. More then 400 social service and community welfare centers and 227 thrift stores are supported by almost 4,000 employees.

Emergency services personnel have responded to several devastating natural disasters, from floods to wildfires. The public has donated more than $23 million Australian dollars ($24,132,000 US) to the Army to assist survivors.

Source: The Salvation Army Yearbook 2012


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