The Salvation Army in Spain and Portugal

With the February 2013 uniting of The Salvation Army in Spain and Portugal as one command under a central administration, the sharing of resources and personnel will greatly enhance the strengths and capabilities of the Army in both countries.

 The Salvation Army received legal status in Spain in 1971. Approximately 30 officers and 30 employees are responsible for the work there, which includes 11 corps, three outposts, 11 thrift stores, 11 food and clothing distribution centers, an emergency shelter, a daycare center for children of the homeless, an eventide home for older adults, an emergency feeding kitchen and a camp and conference center. Senior soldiers number around 600 with 100 junior soldiers, and 50 adults are adherents.

 The Army in Portugal gained legal status in 1974 after starting the work there in 1971.

Around 15 officers and 110 employees are responsible for five corps, a children's home, three older adult daycare centers, two eventide homes, a food and clothing distribution center, a homeless sleep shelter, two thrift stores and two camp and conference centers.

 The languages in which the gospel will continue to be preached include Spanish, Portuguese, English (in some areas) and Tagalog (Filippino). The work of the Army in the Canary Islands and Mallorca will also continue under the united command.

 Flags of Spain (left) and Portugal



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