Singing companies up more than 50 percent

December 2012

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This season many corps around the territory are utilizing the Christmas musical, "The Light before Christmas," which was distributed free of charge by the territorial worship and gospel arts department as part of the emphasis on singing companies in the territory, under the broader umbrella of Live Music in Worship in Every Corps by 2020.

Since the effort began in August 2011, singing companies are up by more than 50 percent, representing new groups formed and more participation in established ones. They now total 197. Two comprehensive children's music collections with accompaniment CDs were provided to each one.

"The singing company initiative has brought unity between the youth from our church programs and new kids who have begun attending," said Lt. Dana Bigelow, Marion, Ind., corps officer. "It is more than a time to get together to sing, but a time where they can learn about what worship really means and fellowship together."

The Chicago Staff Band conducted two singing company leadership seminars during their weekend visits to the Heartland and Metropolitan divisions earlier in the year and follow-up training is scheduled for 2013. And next month Territorial Worship Arts Retreat will emphasize singing company leadership and children's music resources as part of this initiative.

Also in January divisions will receive more details about the singing company competitions which will take place across the territory and result in the winning group from each division participating in a massed singing company of more than 200 children at the "One Army, One Mission, One Message" Family Congress with General Linda Bond in St. Louis, Mo., June 7-9, 2013.



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