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Salvation Army Grace Place Expansion Project

A moving story about moving forward

Grace Place has been operating since 2001 and serving 8 families or 24 individuals in its current location. Grace Place provided 9,123 bed nights in 2012. Last year, unfortunately, we turned away 139 families for lack of space. We have noticed an increase of 47% in the last six months for our services, prompting us to expand our thinking to meet our community and space needs. Through the good will and generosity of Presbyterian Homes, a multi-unit structure is being offered as a donation to The Salvation Army, creating an opportunity to relocate Grace Place and move forward with expanded rooms and services.

The key to opening this door.

You!  You are the key to opening the door of the new facility.  We are in need of funds to make this a successful move.


Budget Overview

Sprinkler System Compliance $65,000

Water Main Compliance $40,000

Plumbing Upgrades $47,000

HVAC / Electrical / Lighting/ Flooring / Furniture / Misc. $38,000

Security System $10,000

Capital Campaign Goal $200,000


Become a door opener.

When was the last time someone opened a door for you? Here's your chance to return the gesture by making a tax deductible donation to Grace Place 2013 Expansion Project. Help us today open another door of opportunity.

4 Donors / Suite Level ...................... $15,000

There are 4 major common areas that all residents will benefit from.

They are the kitchen, lobby, dining and educational areas.

31 Donors / Room Level ...................... $3,500

There are 31 private living spaces with a bed, dresser, desk, TV and chair.

21 Donors / Welcome Level ...................... $1,500

There are 21 areas of improvement we have identified to make this a welcoming place.

Open Donor Generosity Level ................$_____

Any donation will be accepted and go towards the Grace Place Expansion.

Make checks payable to:

Grace Place 2013 Expansion Project 

Checks can be mailed to:

New Richmond Area Community Foundation

PO Box 96

New Richmond, WI 54017

Donate Online:

Click here to make an online donation.




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