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This section provides answers to some of our most frequently asked questions. 

What does The Salvation Army do?

It is hard to list everything that The Salvation Army does since we do everything from feeding hungry children and families through recovery from natural disasters, and more.  We battle against poverty, addiction and homelessness.  We are a kind face to comfort the sick and elderly, a wise spirit to support the education of all ages, and a giving heart to address need wherever it occurs.  For more information about specific activities and programs offered locally, please see the What We Do portion of our web site.

Why should I contribute to The Salvation Army?

There are several answers to this question.  First, The Salvation Army has demonstrated its ability to effectively identify and efficiently meet urgent human needs in communities throughout the world for over 120 years.  When you give to us, you know that your money is going to those who need it most.  Second, the people we serve have multiple needs.  The wide range of our programs means that we can deal with the whole person under the umbrella of a single agency.  Third, our staff combines the expertise of professional training with the experience of working on a wide variety of social problems and emergency relief situations.

How much of your money goes to administration?

The Salvation Army makes every effort to ensure that the maximum possible amount from donations reaches those in need.  Approximately 87 cent of every dollar we collect goes in direct assistance to those we serve.

I can't make a financial contribution right now.  How else can I help?

How about contributing your time?  Volunteers dramatically extend our ability to serve those in need.  For more information regarding volunteering, please visit the Your Help portion of our web site.

How is the money used when I make a purchase at the Thrift Store?

The Thrift Store on 22nd Avenue is owned and operated by the Waukegan Salvation Army Adult Rehabilitation Center.  When you shop at the Thrift Store, you are supporting efforts by The Salvation Army to help people from all walks of life fight substance abuse and return to their community as participating, contributing members. 

We hope you'll find a FAQ that answers your question, but if we don't have the answer you need, please contact us directly and we will endeavour to answer your questions as quickly as we can.


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