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THE SALVATION ARMY - Prayer List - August 8, 2010

"May he give you the desire of your heart and make all your plans succeed.  We will shout for joy when you are victorious and will lift up our banners in the name of our God.  May the Lord grant all your requests." Psalm 20:4 and 5

Please use this list as a tool in your personal devotional life

If you would like a request or praise report placed on the Prayer List, please call the office at 417-862-5509 or contact us through our Web Site

1707 W. Chestnut Expressway, Springfield, MO   65802-4279   


The President of the United States & his Cabinet

General & Commissioner Clifton & their Cabinet

The work of the Army in Kuwait

Majors Grainger & the staff here at the Springfield Corps

Those who worshiped with us this past Sunday

Our Partners in Mission Territories

Chris West

John Walters

Rick's family

Bob & Vicki Poff in Haiti

Needs of the Harbor House residents & especially those who have stepped out of the program

Those with health concerns


Betty Perkins

Majors Stanley & Louise Strissel

Jan - has cancer

Dorothy Robb

Pat Martin

Gene Smith

Mildred O

Ruth Burtin

Aryanna Furman

Melvin              Paula Thomas


The elected officials of the State of Missouri

Commissioners Gaither & the National Executive Committee

The work of the Army in Latvia

New Believers who recently made the decision to follow Christ

The vision of the Springfield Corps and the Ozark Area Co-Ordination

Requests given during the midweek service

Prayer concerns from our donors & clients

Browers family

Our Youth Ministries programs

Needs of the New Start clients

Health & safety issues of our

Family Enrichment Center residents

Those with health concerns


John & Bonnie Ackley

Envoy Peggy Snell

Major Ellen Tompkins

Perry Flanagan

Robin Laws

Major Randall Sjogren

Laura Grainger

Dee Brooks

Chuck Stephenson


James Turner

Erica Ingleman


The elected officials of your municipality

Commissioners Seiler & the Territorial Executive Committee

The work of the Army in Lesotho

Thank God for answered Prayer

Unspoken prayer requests

First Things First - pray for hurting children

Our High School/Middle School bible studies

Myers' family

Opportunities to reach out to our near neighbors through Kid's Eat Free

Envoys Jim & Peggy Snell

Those affected by disasters

Those with health concerns


Major Diane Harper

Bill Cawlfield

Lona Browers

Rob Deitz

Clara Pellham

Mildred Fleetwood

Ryan (DHQ IT)

Clay Simmons

Jack Wagner & Jack Jr.

Shauna Kay

Ray Turner

Joe Post Tom Mitchell


Majors Lonneal & Patty Richardson & the Midland Divisional Officers

The work of the Army in Liberia

The officers, soldiers and staff at the St. Louis (Temple) Corps

The needs of our Social Service clients

The PCC Top Ten

Prayer Requests and opportunities for outreach through the Community Center

Lily Grayson-Marie Griswold

Trisha Howard

Our staff who have aging parents with health problems:

Envoy Peggy Snell

Connie Katter

Joyce Greenwood

Health & family concerns of our Women's Auxiliary and Advisory Board members

The needs of those recently visited by our outreach teams

Those with health concerns


Craig Grainger

Claude Deas

Betty & Jack Flanagan

John Gafner & family

Elizabeth Brown

Juanita Crawford

Carol Knopp


Captains Katchanov serving in The Ukraine

The people of Lithuania

Majors Smith and the officers, soldiers & staff of the Kansas/W. Missouri Division

The work of the Army in Korea

Our continued community outreach ministry

Our Junior Soldiers

Captains Kerry & Jil Kistler & family

Our Armed Forces members


Christopher Arbuckle              Wesley Cochran

Christopher Horne                   Sgt Colleen Owens

April L. Lowe                           Sgt Robert Ross

Matthew Orr                            Jeff Barnes

Chris Cooper                          Zach Ingleman

Justin & Georgina Kistler

Douglas Hartley          William Thomas

Cawlfield family

Vanessa Gonzalez

Rehkop family

Those with health concerns


David Rayls

John & Irene Lucas

Elizabeth Parsons

Jeannie Redfern

Grace Carver

Joyce Greenwood's father

Shirley McDonald


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