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On December 5, 1895 The Salvation Army began its work in Sheboygan, Wisconsin. It was first located at the Mallmann Building on Center Avenue between 7th and 8th streets. After over 100 years, the ministry of "soup, soap and salvation" continues.

Things slowed down in 1898, so The Army in Sheboygan disbanded that summer, but the work reopened twenty-two years later. With the big bass drum and brass band, a small group of officers and soldiers marched out from the Michael Foley Tailor Shop at 721 New York Ave to claim Sheboygan for Jesus.

The first Advisory Board had well known community members on it, like George Imig and E. B. Garton. Through the years, many officers, soldiers, board members, clients and congregational members contributed to the wonderful heritage we have. A tradition that continues today is a series of quality Corps Sergeant Majors. The CSM is the top lay leader of the Corps. Emil Steinhardt was the first in 1920, followed by Ingvald Lilyquist, Gerald Lilyquist and Wilma Line. 

Currently located at 710 Pennsylvania Ave., the building and programs have had many renovations. In 1982, the Embergency Lodge was added while the chapel was renovated. In 1991 changes in the offices, medical clinic and fellowship room were completed. 

On June 15, 2012, dedication services were held to mark the completion of the $3.6 million addition/renovation project.  Just two weeks later, Lts. Daryl and Cherie Mangeri began their new appointment as the corps officers in Sheboygan.  


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