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Social Service Programs

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Seasonal Community Programs 

Snack Pack:           

The Snack Pack program is a new program that kicked off in the Fall of 2008 at two area schools.  The Snack Pack Program aims to assist financially challenged students reduce the amount of hunger and food insecurity they experience over weekends and holidays when free and reduced lunch and school breakfast programs are unavailable.  With the hope that by experiencing less hunger students are better prepared for school and experience fewer academic and behavioral problems.  The Snack Pack Program does this through coordination with the local schools to confidentially distribute backpacks filled with kid & family friend foods at the end of each school week to registered students participating in the program.  

Feed The Kids:

The Feed The Kids program provides free lunches to school aged youth during the summer months to ensure that all children have access to a nutritious lunch even when school is not in session.  This program aims to take the place of the free and reduced lunch that many families rely on during the school year to meet the nutritional needs of youth.


Backpack Coalition:

The Waukesha County Backpack Coalition, which is facilitated by The Salvation Army, consists of several local Social Service Agencies that have united to help provide financially challenged children and families with school supplies and backpacks.  For more information on the Waukesha County Backpack Coalition click here. 

Backpack Coalition, Inc.

The Salvation Army has been serving the Waukesha Community for over 100 years with a variety of community programs that aim to accomplish the mission of "meeting human needs in His name." 
Current year round community programs include:  

Emergency Lodge:

The purpose of The Salvation Army Emergency Lodge program is to increase economic self-sufficiency, improve life skills, address mental or physical health problems, increase the likelihood of remaining free from addictions and to help secure permanent housing for single men experiencing homelessness in Waukesha County.  As the only Emergency Shelter for single men in Waukesha County this is the primary service agency for men experiencing homelessness in Waukesha.  Participants are provided with assistance meeting their basic needs as well as case management services to assist them with addressing their homelessness. 

Find out how to Give Help to the Emergency Lodge here!

Find out how to Get Help from the Emergency Lodge here!

Community Meal Program:

The Community Meal program provides a free nutritionally balanced meal three times per week for financially challenged families and individuals in Waukesha County.  On Tuesday evenings during the meal a wellness clinic is provided by the Pro Health Care Parish Nurse Community Outreach program.  Clients can receive free basic health screenings (i.e. blood pressure, blood sugar, etc), health advice and referrals to free or low-cost healthcare to address more serious health concerns.  Finally, there are opportunities available for individuals and families to socialize and be part of a community through the meal and groups, such as a knitting club, women's fellowship group and bible study, that meet on a weekly basis following the meal. 

Find out how to Give Help to the Comunity Meal Program here!

Find out how to Get Help from the Community Meal Program here!

Family Services Program: 

The purpose of The Salvation Army Family Services program is to provide low income families and individuals in Waukesha County with emergency and supportive services to help prevent the incidence of homelessness in Waukesha County.  The Family Services program is made up of three components; food pantry, financial assistance and seasonal assistance services.  The food pantry provides financially challenged families with supplemental groceries, baby care, household and hygiene supplies as needed.  The financial assistance services provide clothing and prescription vouchers as well as assistance with utility payments to avoid the disconnection of services.  A variety of seasonal programing is provided to assist clients meet their needs throughout the year.   

Find out how to Give Help to the Family Services Program here!

Find out how to Get Help to the Family Services here!

For more information on any of the community programs contact the office at (262)547-7367. 


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