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Website PagesNow that you have logged in, the first page that you will be taken to is the Website Pages section of Website Content. If there are pages already created in your site, you will see them listed along with expansion "+" symbols to see their subpages, if applicable.

You can always access the main list of your site's pages by clicking on the Website Pages link, located on the left hand side of the WebManager.

You can feel free to begin editing any existing pages, simply by clicking on their page name.


Parent & Child Pages

Parent pages refer to those which are above another page in a hierarchy.
Likewise, child pages will always fall below a parent page.

On this Online Web Manager Training site, the heading "Getting Started" is a parent page, while the resulting drop down options - "Planning Your Site" and "Logging In" - are both child pages.


Top Index Pages, Left Index Pages & Content Pages

Top and Left Index Page LayoutTop Index Pages are those which make up the main header links at the top of each page. On this site they include Getting Started, Page Management, Image Management, etc.

Left Index Pages are actually the category headings on the left hand side of each page. Many webmasters choose to list Links or Events here.

Content Pages serve two functions. They can be child pages of the Top Index Pages and appear in the drop down menus at the top of each page. They can also fall under Left Index Pages as links within the particular category. If you create a Left Index Page titled "Links," the content pages under that Left Index Page would be the actual links listed underneath that heading, for example.

For each new page created, it will have to be determined whether it will fall under an existing parent page, or create a new category in the top or left menu index.

It may be noted that the width of larger monitors can result in white space on the right hand side of the site. This is due to the fact that many web users are still viewing pages with smaller monitors. In order to make the pages accessible for a wide range of visitors, all Salvation Army template sites are sized to fit into a smaller viewing area. With the increasing use of PDA and mobile devices for viewing web content, the more accessible the information, the better!


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